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     Fraudulent information is being circulated about Colloidal Silver in an effort to discredit both the product and those who produce it.  In some cases people have unwittingly contaminated themselves with Silver Chlorides (silver salts), thinking they were making Colloidal Silver in their own homes. Silver Chloride contamination causes a condition called argyria, which is irreversible.  There are NO KNOWN cases of pure Colloidal Silver causing Argyria, it would be impossible to ingest a large enough quantity of our Colloidal Silver to develop argyria.

     Argyria is the result of ingesting large quantities of toxic silver salts into the body which cause the skin to turn grey-blue.  Toxic Silver substances like Silver Chlorides or Silver Nitrates photo-reduce (activated by sunlight) and appear as a permanent stain to the skin.  Silver Chloride and Nitrates were once widely used Pharmaceutical products, doctors at one dime prescribed these solutions in moderate concentrations so as not to cause argyria.  As with many products people voluntarily overdosed themselves and/or Doctors were unaware that larger concentrations of silver salts caused argyria.  Today some medical professionals both in and outside of the Natural Health community have suggested Colloidal Silver may be in the same category as the Silver salts of Chloride or Nitrate, which is a false conclusion.  Pure Colloidal Silver will not cause argyria regardless of how much a person ingests.  It is physically impossible to drink such a large quantity of Colloidal Silver to cause argyria.

     Many people have also been misinformed by do-it-yourself "Colloidal Silver" Makers who are making Chlorides with their equipment rather than of Colloids.  Many problems and complications arise when attempting to make Colloidal Silver at home, air environment, quality of water, silver supply and other variables greatly effects quality. Although equipment to make Colloidal Silver is relatively inexpensive online, the equipment to test the quality of product not cheap.  Most people are unwilling to pay laboratory and research fees to determine the quality of their home made products, so they are gambling and risking their health.

     Pharmaceutical grade Colloidal Silver is made in a controlled environment, each batch is monitored and tested ensuring quality, all variables are carefully monitored to supply consistent and pure products.  Rapha Laboratories products are made from pure pharmaceutical grade Colloidal Silver which contain no toxins.

     The pharmaceutical giants tend to undermine the simplicity of Natural Health products and methodology, both malicious and fraudulent tactics have been used to speak evil of Colloidal Silver.  Consumer advocate Tim Bolen has been following the activities of  a group of called the "Quackbusters" ever since one of his clients in California came up against these people.  Tim first asked the question "why would this group be using a doctor from Pennsylvania, as their witness, when there are 300,000 health professionals in this State?"

Tim states, "thus began my education.  Now I'm going to educate YOU..."


Tim and thousands of others have discovered the "Quackbusters" have been making false and misleading statements about Colloidal Silver.  Tim states, "It is a propaganda enterprise, one part crackpot, two parts evil.  It's sole purpose is to discredit, and suppress, in an "anything goes" attack mode, what is wrongfully named "Alternative Medicine."  It has declared war on reality.  The conspirators are acting in the interests of, and are being paid, directly and indirectly, by the "conventional" medical-industrial complex."  To learn more click on the link.

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