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Colloidal Silver kills bacteria and infections in the body

 Prior to 1938 Colloidal Silver was used to treat many infectious conditions. Over time Colloidal Silver was replaced by pharmaceutical antibiotics, however the pathogens developed a resistance to many of these new antibiotics and they became less and less effective.  Colloidal Silver that was once a universally used product to fight infections and prevent disease, is now making its comeback.

Colloidal Silver is a safe and natural way to enhance your immune system, it can effectively destroy pathogenic bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses.

Microbes that escape death by antibiotics often mutate into superforms of microbes and reproduce. Eventually these "superbugs" will replace the original strains, and the original antibiotic is no longer effective. Simple infections can escalate into fatal illnesses as more and more antibiotic-resistant strains of microbes evolve into untreatable forms.

Because of overuse of antibiotics, untold numbers of people are now meeting their death every year from antibiotic-resistant diseases.

Thankfully, Colloidal Silver is a powerful antibiotic alternative that offers hope against the diseases of today. Everyone should have a bottle of Colloidal Silver on hand, it is very reasonably priced for the benefits you will receive.


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This FREE brochure contains pharmacology information that must be read and understood by those who use colloidal silver.  It provides information on Colloidal Silver History, What It Is, How It Works, and References and Pharmacology Chart.  This brochure is shipped with all new orders.

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