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     Here is a brief account of how I got involved with Colloidal Silver.  In the Spring of 1996 I met a woman who claimed she had been healed of HIV/AIDS and credited "God and Colloidal Silver".  It was a very interesting story she told, afterwards she provided me photocopies of some studies, medical reports, journal references etc..  Five days after this initial introduction to Colloidal Silver, while in a business meeting one of my clients mentioned that his partner had been struggling with diabetes and how Colloidal Silver dramatically improved her health.  I was shocked, I had never heard of Colloidal Silver before, then twice in less than a week I heard of it from completely independent sources, I wondered if there was any truth to these reports.  Over the next 60 days I devoted nearly all my free time to researching Colloidal Silver.  Every time I found information that could dismiss the claims that were being made, I found two or three other articles that would support them. 


     During the time I was researching Colloidal Silver, I was volunteering with "Outreach International" where I headed up a group of volunteer engineers who were working together on projects in third world countries.  I soon discovered several professionals I was working with already knew about the benefits of Colloidal Silver, I was very curious to know why this information was not more widely known.  To my surprise I also met several University educators in the Bio-Sciences field who had considerable knowledge of Colloidal Silver.  One professor at UBC mentioned that it was once common practice for his team to use Colloidal Silver to sterilize IV lines during surgeries, and that it was at one time a mainstay antibiotic.  Based on information that I had accumulated, one of the worlds largest skeptics decided to give Colloidal Silver a go, I still take it almost daily even after nearly eight years since I first began to manufacture it.  But not only did I try it for myself, I decided to go into production and contacted professional Chemists, Biologists, Pharmacologists, Metallurgists, and Engineers including a Colloidal Engineer before proceeding to build a prototype of a Colloidal Silver micro-lab. 


    Early on, family, friends and I began to experiment with the Colloidal Silver and we came up with many incredible findings.  In the early stages a friend had been diagnosed with diabetes and began to take the Colloidal Silver, in three weeks when she went back to her Doctor, he told her that he had misdiagnosed, we were ecstatic.  I'm very happy to report that I've met many people who have been misdiagnosed, perhaps it would be embarrassing or politically incorrect for doctors to give credit to such a unknown product as Colloidal Silver.  Colloidal Silver has not been approved by the Government, in fact they have made efforts to ban it from public use.


     I wondered why something, that was once so widely used had fallen from public use, it wasn't long until I got my answer.  I soon discovered that Colloidal Silver is found in Nature, but in much lower concentrations.  It is impossible to patent a product of Nature, therefore Colloidal Silver could not be exploited through a monopoly, therefore it serves little or no commercial use for drug companies.  One time, after a product demonstration a woman approached me and stated that she was a purchasing agent for a major hospital. She told me how the pharmaceutical companies lobbied governments to protect their markets, and how she was not able to purchase generic drug products that were far cheaper because she was not "authorized" to do so. It appears that government officials are very easily bribed (some call these kickbacks) by humungous corporations, so it should not be a surprise that our Government "scientists" discourage the use of safe, effective and inexpensive natural products.


    Nevertheless, I wanted to tell the world about Colloidal Silver.  I contacted 23 newspapers and asked them to print news stories on my discoveries, yet again, more shocking news, the newspapers told me that it was against their "charter" to print anything about my discoveries and the individual success stories I had accumulated.  I thought a very interesting story that should have made the news happened with several HIV/AIDS infected people, one young man with HIV/AIDS told me that one day he decided that life was not worth living.  He had access to a storage room where there was a large stock of Colloidal Silver, he thought that if he drank it all he might get better, or that he might just die, but he figured either scenario was better than what he had been going through.  This fellow drank 26 bottles of 16oz Colloidal Silver in less than a week, this was an extremely large and horrific overdose, but, three weeks after he drank the Colloidal Silver his doctor told him that he had made a mistake and misdiagnosed, he had tested negative for AIDS, his Doctor commented that he never had AIDS (for a year and a half).  No I can't expect anyone to believe this as I have difficulty believing some of these things myself, but that's what happened.  After eight years of continual involvement with this product I have heard countless wild and wonderful stories.  I have no reason to believe these people are not speaking truth, they are speaking about their own personal experiences and have no personal financial vested interests.


     I personally have never heard of a case of food poisoning where the Colloidal Silver did not reverse it in a matter of minutes, or pneumonia that didn't clear up in less than 48 hours, or Urinary Tract Infection that never disappeared, and many more.  I've heard from countless Diabetics and cancer patients who have personally experienced excellent results with our Colloidal Silver products.  I am appalled that people have been fear-mongered away from a product that is safe, effective and natural.  Colloidal Silver is found in natural water and plants everywhere on earth.  Each one must make their own decision about whether Colloidal Silver is good for them, and also consult with people who are informed and well educated regarding this.  We should all do our own due diligence to know about our health, I am confident that if you try these products you will also see for yourself how easy it is to reverse large amounts of human suffering.


I pray that you will help yourself and others

to better health, happiness and prosperity.


Baruch (Bruce) Gorovenko


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According to Bible scholars, Silver symbolizes "REDEMPTION".  Colloidal Silver is found in natural water and plants in trace amounts and it is the most natural and effective way to build the bodies immune system.


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