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     Silver occurs naturally in both water and in plants in trace amounts (parts per billion).  Naturally occurring silver particles are extremely small, they are much smaller than water molecules which allows the silver to remain suspended.  Simply stated, this dynamic of suspension is referred to as "colloidal".  Today, we are much more aware of the need for safe drinking water.  Many will only drink purified water nowadays, but since the dawn of time it was silver that kept our water safe by killing off dangerous microbes.  Not only is naturally occurring Colloidal Silver safe, but it is essential to organic life.  What is NOT safe, is silver in man made chemical forms, Silver Chloride (AgCl) for example, is toxic to humans.  Our products contain NO CHEMICAL forms of silver, this unfortunately cannot be said for all "Colloidal Silver" products on the market.  EM Photos show Colloidal Silver made without proper laboratory equipment and/or outside a controlled environment, it becomes toxic and potentially dangerous.  Our Colloidal Silver is safe and very beneficial, it is extremely pure, and there are NO contaminants.



     Colloidal Silver is in a class of it's own when it comes to building the immune system, it is one of the most effective natural products available.  The list of the benefits of Colloidal Silver is extensive and continues to grow as more successful applications are being discovered.  We have listed some of the benefits of Colloidal Silver and have included individual testimonies.  Of particular interest are the testimonies of those who took Colloidal Silver for one problem but also received secondary  and tertiary benefits.  One of the most astounding benefits of Colloidal Silver is that microbes do not develop a resistance to it, as they do to pharmaceutical drugs.  Microbes that escape death by pharmaceutical antibiotics often mutate into superforms of microbes and reproduce. Eventually these "superbugs" will replace the original strains, and the original antibiotic is no longer effective. Simple infections can escalate into fatal illnesses as more and more antibiotic-resistant strains of microbes evolve into untreatable forms. Because of overuse of antibiotics, untold numbers of people are now meeting their death every year from antibiotic-resistant diseases.  Thankfully, Colloidal Silver is a powerful antibiotic alternative that offers hope against the diseases of today. Everyone should have a bottle of Colloidal Silver on hand, it is very reasonably priced for the benefits received.



     There is nothing more essential to life than water, Colloidal Silver is how Nature has been able to regulate safe and healthy drinking water for millennia.  Rapha Laboratories Colloidal Silver is made using an electromechanical process, that is essentially a duplication of what is already in Nature.  We use no harmful chemicals, we do not permit harmful chemicals on our premises.  Our Colloidal Silver is precisely the same Colloidal structure as is found in Nature.  It is Nature that provides us with the ingredients to provide the healthiest, sustained healing for our bodies.  There are two distinct platforms of thought and intelligence regarding healing, one is based on Creation and the Precision of Design, the other is based on Evolution and Random Chance Theory.  We here at Rapha Laboratories have cast our lot with Nature and God's Creation.  Rapha is a Hebrew term which means healer, One Creator God is the ultimate Healer and Designer of man, Nature reflects our symbiotic existence to our Life Giver.

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