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  1. Colloidal Silver (CS) is a wide spectrum product that can be used for many applications

  2. There is much controversy and urban legend (misinformation) in circulation regarding CS

  3. Government standards do not regulate the quality of Colloidal Silver itself, only GMP's

    CS has enormous potential sales and is wide spectrum in use, as such many think of it as a cure-all which can have a negative impact on sales.  People recommend products based on what they know works, distributors and wholesalers must exercise caution to recommend CS for known areas where it is most effective.  Anything that claims to be good for everything, is more than likely good for nothing in the eyes of consumers.  Two retails stores, one in California and one in BC had exceptional results treating Rosacea, there is no known cure for Rosacea so word spread rapidly to many dermatologists and cosmeticians when it was discovered to be effective against Rosacea, sales skyrocketed.  It is best to maintain a focus on areas that we know Colloidal Silver is effective and recommend it when we can be confident customers will have success.  If there are hesitations recommending CS for certain conditions, please contact me.

     The controversy regarding argyria (silver toxicity) is not likely to go away soon, we can show how inferior home made Colloidal Silver is contaminated with Chlorides which are toxic and how our Colloidal Silver is extremely pure and natural.  The "quack watch" and pro-pharmaceutical groups are doing a great disservice to the general public by fear mongering the public so they can fill their own pockets.  The benefits and good results thousands of people have had with Colloidal Silver speaks for itself, it is impossible for our Colloidal Silver to produce silver toxicity, even some people who are allergic to silver have expressed that their bodies do not react to Colloidal Silver.

     Government standards only go as far as inspecting the bottling facility and equipment, not the details of the Colloidal Silver quality or particle chemistry.  We test all our products and exceed the government requirements in this regard.  If and when the industry becomes regulated we will be in an excellent position to be distinguishable by our quality control as well as by the research and development we have pioneered.




     As a distributor you are in a position to represent Rapha Laboratories products for potential private label contracts or to provide CS to large manufacturers or chain stores.  Our objective is to make CS a household item, as well as to develop or own brand awareness.

     We are equipped to produce CS Water and CS Gel in whatever quantity necessary, as a distributor you are authorized to work with Rapha Labs to procure these manner of accounts as well.




     We are here to help you with marketing and advertising strategies for your local area, whether it be through radio, newspaper, magazine, personalized websites etc.


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