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Colloidal Silver kills bacteria and infections in the body



ADULTS: Consult chart for dosage per pound of body weight.  Hold dosage under tongue 2-3 minutes before swallowing. Drink 6-8 glasses of purified water each day while administering Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver is safe to take during pregnancy*. 


CHILDREN:  Consult chart for body weight.  Dosage is 1/2-1 teaspoon 3 times per day on an empty stomach. Hold under tongue 2-3 minutes.  Drink 3-4 glasses water each day.  NOTE: The full strength under the tongue is more effective, than adding it to beverages.  Children under 5 years old administer 2 drops of Colloidal Silver per pound of body weight.


 After ingesting initial dosages of Colloidal Silver one might experience a brief de-tox effect such as a sluggish feeling, mild headaches, or mild diarrhea.  If these symptoms appear, this is a sign that the Colloidal Silver is WORKING.  Dead pathogens accumulate in the system and need to be expelled.  It is very important that you assist the body in this function by drinking plentiful amounts of purified water.  If you experience discomfort, reduce the dosage of Colloidal Silver temporarily and then gradually increase as symptoms subside.  Tailor the dosage to the needs of your body.


pharmacology is the right amount of Colloidal Silver to take for each person based on age, body weight and medical condition

Apply 1-2 drops directly on eye or into ear and nose as needed.  Start with a dosage of 3 times daily.  Increase/decrease frequency as needed.  Tailor the dosage to relieve symptoms.  For Children apply 1 drop directly to eye as needed, 1-2 drops in ear and nose as needed.  For eyewash apply 5-7 drops.


Spray 5 or 6 times into mouth inhaling directly into lungs.  Take 3 times daily. Tailor the dosage to relieve symptoms.


Colloidal Silver can be very effective on cold sores, cosmetic burns, athlete's foot, warts, pimples and other skin disorders.  Moisten infected area with Colloidal Silver (use cotton swab) for a minimum of 10 minutes per treatment.  Apply 3 times a day and increase/decrease frequency as needed. Tailor the dosage to relieve the symptoms.  On boils, warts, and cold sores apply a saturated cotton ball over desired area and apply Band-Aid or use Colloidal Silver Gel.


*If administering Colloidal Silver during pregnancy drink plenty of water and exercise (deep breathing) which induces circulation of lymphatic system.  Blood volume increases dramatically during pregnancy, tailor dosage to meet objective and suit comfort level.


*Toxicity resulting from "kill off" or "die off" is referred to as Jarisch Herxheimer or Herxheimer Reaction or just "herx". Chemotherapy, radiation treatment, certain herbs, blood electrification, colloidal silver, and other modalities may produce a herx reaction.  These are normal discomforts experienced by some individuals during detoxification.


Notes: Please ask your MD, or Naturopathic Health Practitioner about administering IV injections (overdosing may cause hepatomegaly (enlarging of the liver)).

It is impossible for single-celled germs to mutate into silver-resistant forms, as happens with conventional antibiotics.  Colloidal Silver does not interact or interfere with other medicine being taken.  Colloidal Silver is safe and natural, it is used for many conditions and can be taken indefinitely.  The body does not develop a tolerance to Colloidal Silver.

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